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  1. Introduction to the use of Big Data in the Food and Beverage Sector
    Discover what 'big data' is and how it's rapidly evolved into a game-changing tool within food and drink. 
  2. Four use cases for Big Data in the Food and Beverage Industry in 2023. 
    Explore with us how big data is set to take on an even more critical role in the years to come across key areas such as:
    Customer Analytics
    Food Safety
    Supply Chain Management

  3. Future gazing: A look at how Big Data is helping food and beverage businesses to track future trends and get ahead of the curve. 

8 Leading Retailers, 150+ Manufacturers and 8,000+ Suppliers have swapped using emails and spreadsheets for our purpose-built Digital E2E Supply Chain software to manage all of their complex operations from one place.

What our customers say

Marley Spoon

Foods Connected has helped Marley Spoon to document, review and improve all our supplier data and performance,
enabling efficient and effective decision making based on real time data.

Simon Rose,

Using Foods Connected has allowed us to drive standard processes across our business, helping capture data in a consistent way meaning the analytics allows us to 
easily see comparable performance on any level.

Nick Gollins,