How Foods Connected  transformed Cost & Yield Management for SOHI

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  1. An insight into cost and yield management at SOHI
    Learn about cost and yield management at SOHI and the key pain points associated with their traditional processes.

  2. How Foods Connected delivered yield improvements
    By embracing a digital system and specifically the ‘Yield Trees’ solution - which creates target yields for every cut, and analyses these against the actuals - SOHI management were able to identify specific areas for improvement

  3. How Foods Connected delivered improved cost control
    The Foods Connected system made a significant impact on SOHI’s profit margins and enabled them to begin making considerable, sustained savings within as little as 3 months of implementation.

8 Leading Retailers, 150+ Manufacturers and 8,000+ Suppliers have swapped using emails and spreadsheets for our purpose-built Digital E2E Supply Chain software to manage all of their sustainability activities from one place.

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"With Foods Connected we’ve seen an improvement on yields, faster reaction on deviations and now have an ability to benchmark."

Francisco Cheira