ESG Data: How to future proof your ESG strategy through digital transformation

An ESG webinar with the Food Industry and it's concerns in mind!  


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What you'll discover

  1. What is ESG and why is it important
    Save time with a brief snapshot of what ESG is and how it’s become the latest buzzword within the food industry. 

  2. Digitising for success
    How Foods Connected is helping businesses around the globe digitise their ESG activities for success, with a sneak peek at our specific solutions. 

  3. How your brand can report on ESG achievements
    With growing pressure from consumers, investors and governments alike, We’ll answer all your questions on the ROI of well managed ESG projects, how you can achieve your targets and goals – and how you can demonstrate results to your investors and customers! 

Featured host

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Roger McCracken
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Foods Connected Ltd
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Roger McCracken hails from Northern Ireland and co-founded Foods Connected with Paul Armstrong and Gary Tyre, in direct response to the need for digitalisation of everyday food industry supply chain processes in order to improve quality, minimise risk and reduce costs for food businesses. With a family livestock & arable farming background and having worked in the meat processing sector for many years, it positioned Roger well to understand the problems the food industry faced and come up with technology solutions to help solve them. 


Fast forward to 2021, the Foods Connected business has gone from strength to strength - from a team of just 2 to a team of now almost 80 staff members and growing globally with customers in Europe, APAC and North America! The platform itself has evolved from two simple Supplier Questionnaire and Purchasing tools back in 2014, into a range of seven solutions covering: CSR, Specifications & NPD, Supplier Compliance, Procurement & Supply Chain, Food Safety and Quality and Traceability.

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