Panel discussion

Overcoming barriers to digitalisation: adding value in the agri-food sector

Hosted by Foods Connected and InterAct


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  • The barriers to digitalisation: what's the current state of play in agri-food?

  • The benefits: why should agri-food businesses invest in digitialisation, and why now?

  • Getting started: what are the practical, people and technology considerations?

  • Available support: what help is there for businesses looking to digitalise?

  • The future: what opportunities does digitialisation unlock down the road?


Featured speakers


Professor Jill MacBryde

Prof Jill MacBryde

Co-director and
Professor of Innovation & Operations Management at Strathclyde University. Jill’s work aims to bring social science insights to support the innovation and diffusion of digital technologies that will result in a stronger, more resilient, manufacturing base.   

Dr Lorelei Gherman

Dr Lorelei Gherman

Project Manager for the Made Smarter Innovation Network. An advanced manufacturing engineer with 14 years of R&D experience, her considerable experience in knowledge and technology transfer projects means she can view the issue from both an academic and an industry standpoint.  

Dr Stephanie Brooks

Dr Stephanie Brooks

Senior Implementation Specialist at Foods Connected. She has spent her career working in food manufacturing environments in a R&D capacity, as well as working on and managing several multi-million pound research projects. At Foods Connected, she has been responsible for implementing the prototype Trace Connected solution within the food industry.

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