Customer Case study 

How Foods Connected  transformed Procurement, Production Planning and Yield Management for a Major Global Meat Processor

Find out the core issues affecting Food Safety in 2022 and what steps we can take as an industry to improve our performance.  


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One platform for complete  procurement and production Management

What you get inside:

  1. Problem
    How our customer transformed fragmented procurement and production planning and management processes into a streamlined centralised approach.

  2. Solution
    Understand how you can get a clear overview on procurement, production and yield performance statuses across all species and primals. Set automatic notifications on status updates and conduct trend reporting to keep on top of efficiency issues.

  3. Return on Investment
    Discover how the Procurement and Planning tool is delivering improved negotiation efficiency, yield performance and ultimately, greater profit margins for our customers.

"The customer noticed considerable improvement
on yields using the ‘Yield Trees’ function within the
Foods Connected Production Models tool. As a result,
the team are now producing a higher percentage of
products that meet the appropriate yield targets whilst
maintaining the high-quality standards expected.

What our customers say


“Using Foods Connected has allowed us to drive standard processes across our business, helping capture data in a consistent way meaning the analytics allows us to easily see comparable performance on any level.”

Nick Gollins 

"Foods Connected has provided the framework to capture agreed sales & purchasing outcomes in one centralised
location. This enables ease of comparison on all best price options for more informed business decisions."

Graham Spicer