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  1. Introduction to Food and Drink NPD
    Discover how consumer attitudes and behaviours are shaping NPD in Food and Drink.

  2. Four Rules for Innovating Successful NPD in 2022 According to Harvard Business School, of more than 30,000 new consumer products launched each year, an astonishing 95% of them fail. Gain insight into the 4 rules your business needs to follow for innovating successful NPD in 2022.

8 Leading Retailers, 150+ Manufacturers and 8,000+ Suppliers have swapped using emails and spreadsheets for our purpose-built Digital E2E Supply Chain software to manage all of their complex operations from one place.

What our customers say


"The Foods Connected Specification management tools
have allowed us to simplify, standardise and collate all
our product data across a multitude of suppliers meaning
we have access to the data we need as we need it."

Laura Robinson,

"Foods Connected has allowed us to streamline our NPD
process across our sites, to support prioritisation of
projects and resource accordingly."

Thea Smit,