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Our Solution

Our leading Reporting and Analytics Solution will give you:

  1. Configurable Dynamic Dashboards
    Condense all relevant data into visual dashboards that deliver digestible insights to make quick assessments and compare progress end-to-end in your supply chain.  

  2. Factory Performance Reports 
    Understand exactly where your inefficiencies lie with comprehensive factory reports. Instantly assess, by site or department, your production value, yield performance, profit and loss accounts and more on one simple platform.

  3. Complete Supplier Transparency
    Track your supply network effectively with 
    360° visibility of top performing suppliers. Use data compiled from compliance, quality and even commercial activity to build intuitive supplier ranking score cards.

  4. External Market Data 
    Market information at your fingertips with instant access to real time, global livestock prices, dairy market data, imports and export figures and more.   

8 Leading Retailers, 150+ Manufacturers and 8,000+ Suppliers have swapped using emails and spreadsheets for our purpose-built Digital E2E Supply Chain software to manage all of their complex operations from one place.

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What our customers say


Using Foods Connected has allowed us to drive standard processes across our business, helping to capture data in a consistent way meaning the analytics allows us to easily see comparable performance on any level.

Nick Gollins 

Foods Connected has provided the framework to capture agreed sales & purchasing outcomes in one centralised location. This enables ease of comparison on all best price options for more informed business decisions

Graham Spicer