Supply Chain Mapping for the food industry

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Overcome your supply chain visibility and traceability challenges

Learn how our tools can help, wherever you're at on your traceability journey. Flexible and data-agnostic, our solution connects to and with your existing systems to ensure full supply chain visibility.

  • Digitial Supplier Management: gain complete control of your supplier relationships and manage compliancy with ease
  • Supply Chain Mapping: plot each touchpoint within your supply chain, providing complete transparency and the ability to respond swiftly to any incident
  • Real-time Supplier Accreditation: via API integrations with 3rd party accreditation bodies you can centralise and update your supply base automatically

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What our customers say


“Foods Connected has allowed us to streamline our NPD process across our sites, to support prioritisation of projects and resource accordingly.”

Thea Smit 

“The Foods Connected Specification management tools have allowed us to simplify, standardise and collate all our product data across a multitude of suppliers meaning we have access to the data we need as we need it.”

Laura Robinson