Free Report -
The Evolution of Traceability in Food and Drink 

Free Report - The Evolution of Traceability in Food and Drink 

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Explore the history of traceability and it's importance in the modern global food supply chain.

What you get inside:

  1. The need for traceability in Food and Drink 
    The profile of traceability in food and drink has never been more prevalent. We'll explore how companies can ensure that the right processes have been carried out at each stage of their supply chain and how they can pass this evidence onto consumers. 
  2. The history of traceability in the food industry
    We'll dive into food security incidents globally that sparked early calls for greater transparency across supply chains.

  3. Challenges for food businesses:
    An exploration of the challenges that fully traceable supply chains pose to food businesses, covering logistical complexity, the unreliability and expense of some accreditation and auditing schemes and - for retailers - the need to ensure a vast number of suppliers are meeting their expectations on traceability.

  4. The role of new technologies: How tech is easing some of these challenges, including product identification and marking tools, traceability software and RFID. 

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What our customers say

Feb23 New FoodSafety PPC LP Review

Foods Connected are an essential partner in delivering the goals of our Quality Naturally strategy through their market leading supplier engagement platform and traceability tools, combined with our shared engagement in wider industry sustainability projects.

Nigel Edwards,
Feb23 New FoodSafety PPC LP Review2

We needed a solution to manage our expansive supply chain globally, to create greater transparency over every tier of our diverse network. Foods Connected has provided us with a number of integrated solutions, bringing visibility to our operations, to better track our supplier compliance, mitigating any potential risks.

Simon Rose